The Artist?s House (Dom Artysty) is a place for people with passion who value peace, nature and the company of those with similar interests. It allows you to relax and do creative work. You can both unwind and devote yourself to your hobbies, develop your passion for art: music, poetry, painting and more.

The Artist’s House will host outdoor painting and sculpting sessions, evening poetry readings, meetings with authors, small concerts and handicraft workshops for children and adults.

The Artist’s House provides accommodation in a renovated guesthouse from the late 19th century with a beautiful scenery of the Spa Park in Głuchołazy with its own painting workshop, chamber hall, mini spa and fairy tale-like views all year round.

The Artist’s House is the perfect place for creative work amidst the nature of the ?Opawskie Mountains? Landscape Park. The house is located in the Spa Park in Głuchołazy by the Upper Pond (Górny Staw), on the slope of Przednia Kopa (known as Park Hill (Góra Parkowa)). Numerous hiking trails, walking and cycling routes lead to the place where the nature captivates us with its uniqueness and diversity ? the entire area is a part of the Natura 2000 network for its unique plant habitats and animal species living there.