Surrounding area

The Artist’s House is located at the bottom of the Parkowa Mountain in the Spa Park in Głuchołazy near the Upper Pond (Górny Staw) in the Opawskie Mountains. The renovated Spa Park with its pond and concert shell encourage people to take strolls, use water bowls and balneotherapy spaces, familiarize themselves with the history of Dr Priessnitz and spend time outdoors in an active way. In the park part adjacent to the Upper Pond in the immediate vicinity of the House, there is an interestingly arranged nature/educational path presenting the biology of fauna and flora of the Opawskie Mountains. Głuchołazy is a pre-war health resort known as Bad Ziegenhals, which used to welcome European personalities in search of lost health, relief from suffering and various diseases as well as convalescence before the Second World War. For years, the Głuchołazy Spa has been treating respiratory tract diseases along with other conditions such as circulatory insufficiency and metabolic diseases. The place used to take in exhausted and sick people in need of rest. Picturesquely located on the mountainside of the Opawskie Mountains in the valley of the Biała Głuchołaska River, it is a perfect place for out of town family trips. Because of the Jeseníky Mountains and its mountainside which provide resistance against strong winds from the east and north and the wide valley of the Biała River, there are warm, southern winds reaching the area. Even today, the mild climate, characterized by steady temperatures and the absence of sudden changes in air pressure and humidity, favours healing.

The surroundings of the Artist’s House offer a variety of attractions which can enrich your stay in the Opawskie Mountains. Here are the places that are especially worth seeing:

  • the Spa Park in Głuchołazy,
  • St. Anne’s Chapel on the Parkowa Mountain,
  • Kopa Biskupia (890 m (2,920 ft) above sea level) ? the highest peak in the Polish part of the Opawskie Mountains with a stone tower that is 18 m (59 ft) high and a beautiful panoramic view,
  • the Rejvíz National Nature Reserve,
  • the Priessnitz’s Spa in Jeseník,
  • picturesque Karlova Studánka,
  • the Zlatorudné Mlýny open-air museum,
  • Ramzová, Červenohorské sedlo, Miroslav, Filipovice, Kouty ? these are just some of the charming ski slopes located about 30 km (18 mi) from the Artist’s House.